EMAILS: Relevance is everything.

Mastering the art of the email newsletter is no mean feat, but being wolf-like ourselves, we have developed highly intuitive behavioral patterns and have totally cracked it when it comes to their design and build, producing newsletters that not only look fantastic, but which actually provide results. One-offs, dynamic templates or mobile responsive emails, no worries.

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    Dynamic Templates

    Our newsletter templates are cleverly crafted to give our clients the freedom to be fresh and flexible. We've specialised in MailChimp and they are our preferred platform. So clearly Wolfes and Monkeys can be friends.

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    Responsive Templates

    Reading emails on mobile is not a trend, it's a movement. Emails on a small screen demands a different logic; and our responsive templates are designed and built to adapt to the users' environment.

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    Bespoke e-flyers

    We've been making e-flyers for the music and entertainment industry for years, re-imagining existing artwork to create eye catching communications, boosting engagement as well as album and ticket sales.