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Wolfegang was established in 2007 and is the culmination of the life’s work of Mr & Mrs Niki and Christel Wolfe.

Both cite a passion for the avant-garde (in music, art, design and life), the '50s, far-flung travel, interiors, France, Japan, mid 20th Century furniture, vintage, world cuisine, and each other as their every day inspiration for ideas and client collaborations.

Niki, London born and bred, heads up the creative side of things, and started his design career as a runner at a graphics studio in 1999, after a decision not to study music at the Brit School. It was during this time he learnt how to use a MAC instead of a drum kit and tapped into undiscovered creative skills.

It took seven years for Niki to rise from Artworker to Head of Digital Creative, but the itch most definitely needed scratching, so he took the leap and started Wolfegang soon after.

Christel, the strategic marketing and management brains behind Wolfegang, was born to Filipino parents who settled in London back in the ‘70s. Her imagination was colourful from an early age, existing as she did in a double Tagalog and English world. It was this search for ‘identity’ that created Christel’s curious nature.

Whilst working at Grey London and Fox Kalomaski Crossing on a plethora of travel & tourism, retail and healthcare clients, Christel helped develop global campaigns for the likes of Aquafresh, AOL, Fisherman's Friends, Butlins and The Bahamas Tourist Office, winning two prestigious awards (Most Innovative Campaign, TMA 2013 and Best Social Media, Travoluton 2011) for the latter.


At the heart of Wolfegang is the belief that we are only as good as the sum of our parts. Whether that be our combined expertise across the design spectrum, how we nuture client relationships, or a continuous curiosity to create solutions that work on all levels.

Our close-knit team works with an honest approach, thorough project management and a keen respect towards service, but combined with producing challenging creative.

Our clients are always diverse, always interesting and always trusting; allowing us to focus on providing the design, planning, management and strategic services, all with the common goal to make them successful and ourselves happy and fulfilled in return.

Did you know…the word ‘gang’ derives from the Old Norse ‘gangr’ meaning ‘journey’? We’re definitely on one of those, and hope that you might like to join us…